Rash is Better; Lymphedema is Worse?

Last week was a tough week with Radiation and the hideous side effects of Tykerb.

To make it worsen,  on the way to radiation from a pharmacy, I ran worrying about being late and fell down on the affected arm last Friday.

I need to avoid cuts for Lymphedema as well as for radiation.

Feeling burning and throbbing of my arm, my heart was almost frozen with fear.  Yet I was so thankful that I didn’t have any scratch probably because of the long sleeve jacket and the compression sleeve.  Maybe I made a bruise but as my body was so red with rash that I couldn’t identify it at all.

My rash hit the peak on Friday when I started applying steroid cream:  My body was so gross as if countless red amoebas were crawling all over my body and in bed the itch became intense. After the weekend the rash spread even to toes and soles with tingling feeling but is fading from the upper body.  Whew!  This was the nasty side effect , but finally I see the healing sign .

On the other hand, I’ve been constantly nervous about the affects of Lymphedema from radiation, rash and even my fall.

Friday, after midnight, the left wrist hurt so much like I had a fracture,that I woke up.

I fell down, but not from on hand but on the shoulder; I don’t think I hurt my wrist by the fall; maybe it is because of lymphedema.

I put the compression sleeve on my left arm and went back to sleep.  The pain was eased, however, the next morning I woke up with a  surprise that my hand was swollen from the wrist to fingers.

No!  Lymphedema got worse!

During the night  my affected hand gets tight, also.

Radiation has just started and will go five more weeks.  If my Lymphedema has been already affected by radiation,  I imagine how much worse would it get by the end of the treatment.

I was down when I was told that I had to wear the sleeve all day and everyday, but knowing this may get worse very easily, now I am aware so well how vital this sleeve is for my arm.

One thought on “Rash is Better; Lymphedema is Worse?

  1. I want to wave a magic wand and make all these problems you are having go away. I know only God and doctors can help you, but I am here waiting in the wings to be helpful to you. All I can do is this: Amagine my arms circling around you and then giving you a big tender hug in loving support. I very much care. Fondly, Pat

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