The Worst Start of Radiation

Diarrhea, Headache, & Skin Rash

On the fist day of radiation , I woke up with a stomachache.  I thought I overcame the diarrhea, but it started again.

Also, I found I had skin rash all over my body except my face.  This is a side effect of  Tykerb!  I thought.

It was already bad enough to have no appetite, chills, a headache, and diarrhea on the first day of radiation. Nevertheless, now I have rash on top of that.

I have to be careful even with mosquito bites for Lymphedema; is it ok also to have a rash? I was worried. Radiation is a big concern for Lymphedema, but I can’t even wear the compression sleeve because it irritates the skin.

This is great!  I can’t believe what happened to me.  Anyway taking Tylenol and trying to have some nutrition with a banana, rice balls, and green tea, I left for radiation with a heavy heart.

Tattoo Hurts!

The nurses at the radiation center were surprised seeing my red body with rash,but they said it was ok to have radiation.

I took a CT scan yesterday and today I had to take several x-rays to draw a map on my body for the radiation.  ( I hate having so many image procedures!) Then I had to have tattoos to mark on my body.  Tattoos have become  so popular, yet it hurt!  I don’t understand at all  why so many people want to have such painful things on their bodies.

After tattoos, finally I received radiation from three different directions; diagonally right front, diagonally left back, and front.   The air of the room was so cold for my feverish body on a table that I was shivering, but I was told to be still.  I kept praying that God would shield all my healthy cells so that radiation would only attack cancer cells.

Aloe Vera Gel

“To minimize itching/redness (due to radiation side effects), we recommend applying 100% aloe vera gel 2-3 times daily,” said the instruction paper.

I should’ve bought the gel at a pharmacy in the clinic. It was a mistake that I thought I could buy it at any pharmacy.  I went to two pharmacies in my neighborhood, but I couldn’t find a“100%”aloe vera gel.  I had to go to the Kaiser clinic in Torrance to get it.

ER again at Night

By the time I got home, I was exhausted and had a fever. I went straight to bed. Although it was a relief that the doctor told me to hold off on Tykerb, as the itch became strong at night, I called the 24-hour nurse station.  I just wanted to ask if I could take Benedryl; it turned out I had to go to ER because my case was too complicated for the nurse who answered the phone. After all, I had to stay at ER until 3:00 am just for Benedryl!

It was a cursed, really bad day.

3 thoughts on “The Worst Start of Radiation

  1. We love you, you are incredibly strong and God is watching over you and we are praying.
    All our love,

  2. Dearest Kathy,
    During those lonely times when things seem so crazy, like in the ER at 3am or shivering on an exam table or just wondering “What next?”,always remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. In the big picture of your eternal soul, these experiences will pass. They may be extremely difficult, uncomfortable and scary, but always keep in mind your soul is not alone for you have our Father, Aslan, and all your loving family and friends who are embracing you with their love and prayers.
    Much love,
    Martha & Pete

  3. Dear kathy,
    You are certainly being challenged! I admire your tenacity in this struggle to win the fight over breast cancer. Surely much better days are ahead!
    I surmise that your radiation therapist is nearby and that you are not faced with a long drive into LA.
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Love, Lenore

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