The 1st week of Tykerb


The first night when I started Tykerb, I woke up due to the irritation of the stomach and nausea.

‘Maybe I should drink something.  ‘

I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.  Picking out the homemade lemon-apple juice, I mixed it with warm water and drank it.

Then, sitting at the computer,  I emailed my sister,Mami, in Japan.   After a while, maybe the warm juice was good or maybe sitting up was good; I don’t know, but I felt better so I went back to sleep.


Same as the night before; the irritation of the stomach and nausea woke me up during the night.  Wondering that I should take the medicine between lunch and dinner, I sent the oncologist a question through an e-mail, and before bed time, I took a spoonful honey, which was supposed to be good for the irritation of stomach according to some web sites.


The 3rd night of starting Tykerb, I slept well without any stomach problems.  Maybe Honey was good!  The oncologist also replied to me saying it should be ok to intake Tykerb before dinner.


In the morning I had diarrhea.  Right away I took the anti-diarrhea medicine I had prepared, and researched the food for diarrhea on line.  Raw vegetables and fruits, daily products (except yogurt), food with lots of fibers, cold, and spicy food should be avoided and bananas, yogurt, brown tea, honey, white rice and bread, and soup are recommended.

Well, brown rice, whole wheat breads, lots of vegetables and fruits, green tea, and so on that I thought were good for cancer sound not good for diarrhea.  I got confused.  Anyway I tried to drink a lot and watched my BM carefully.  Fortunately the anti-diarrhea medicine was working and even during the night I slept well without irritation.

Good Friday

Today, two thousand years ago, Jesus was crucified.  Nevertheless,  we call it Good Friday because He paid for our sins by suffering on the cross and defeated our death by His resurrection three days after the crucifixion.  Easter is more important than Christmas for Christians because of this reason.

Because  of His sacrificial love, I love Jesus.  I want to give Him everything! — Tears flowed and the strong emotion seized my heart while I was in a special Easter service at the Vineyard West LA

On the way home, being filled with joy, we decided to go to George’s favorite Yakitori restaurant, Shin Sen Gumi

Here the chef and waiters are extremely energetic and polite; all of them bow together to greet every costumer as he/she comes in and out of the restaurant in a loud voice, “ Welcome!” and “ Thank you very much!”

George, who likes not only their yakitori, but also this enthusiastic atmosphere, repeated, “I deeply appreciate Japanese culture since I met you,”and “ It was really a good day!” with contentment.

I thought it was true blessing that I met the good man,George, and  the wonderful God,Jesus!


The 6th day of Tykerb. I got up with sore throat and headache –  like I caught a cold; I felt chilly and weak.  As the pain in my hip that didn’t bother me for a while also came back, I took a long nap but even after dusk, my pain was not eased.   Taking Tylenol and vitamins, I went to bed early.  Maybe this was also a side effect of Tykerb.

Easter Sunday

Tylenol has been helpful.  I recovered gradually by the time of BBQ with our children and I could enjoy it, thankfully.

I was told that radiation may also make me tired.  So far diarrhea has stopped since Thursday and irritation of the stomach has been gone as well.  I hope my body is adjusting to the new regiment and the side effects of radiation starting this Wednesday will be bearable.

6 thoughts on “The 1st week of Tykerb

  1. Live in Easter hope. Live out the Easter hope.
    You are loved, and loved, and loved. Be sure of this!

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I am so happy for you. You are doing so well in combating the side effects of Tykerb.
    My experience with radiation did not include any real feeling of being tired. If you are able to nap during the day, it might help if you do feel sleepy.
    Your writing about your Easter experience was so touching!
    Love, Lenore

  3. Kathy, I have been so behind with your blogs…I had no idea what you’ve been dealing with the past few weeks. I am so sorry you did not have good news from the lymph node surgery, but I feel you are in wonderful hands and with your strength & faith, you will beat this horrible disease. How many weeks of radiation do you need to have? Once summer is here & I am not working, I’d be happy to drive you to Sunset Kaiser if you need help. I know it will be difficult for you to drive daily w/ the gas prices. Let me know when you’re up for afternoon company…keep the faith!

  4. Hello sweet cousin! Just wanted you to know how much we love you! Thank you for your testimony in the Lord, you are a great encouragement to us all. We are praying for you. Stay strong in the Lord!

  5. I started Tykerb and Herceptin Jan 25, 2012. Diarrhea is the main problem I noticed immediately. I can work with it. My voice is strange – reedy, like laryngitis – and I have a ‘whooping’ cough from time to time. Hip pain comes and goes; usually helped when I get the Herceptin infusion once a month. The Tykerb is daily. 5 pills. Markers are dropping. I think this is manageable compared to other chemo regimens.

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