We’ll Win Against Breast Cancer

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Even two hours after the appointment time, and though I was escorted to an exam room, the doctor hasn’t come yet.  What is going on?  I peaked outside of the room through the opened door.  I saw Dr. Glaspy wearing glasses at the desk.

He must be studying my medical record.  Although he is not coming to the room, my exam has been starting.

I should not mind waiting for him.

It has been 6 months since I visited Dr. Glaspy; the last time when my pathology report suggested I need to have a 2nd regiment.

As the doctor came in, he first examined my armpit and recommended me as follows:

Radiation, Herceptin, & Tykerb

1)    Probably cancer cells are still in my armpit.  I should start radiation ASAP.

2)    Cancer has been contained only in regional because of Herceptin.  Continue Herceptin with Tykerb, which will help Herceptin become more effective, for a year.

3)    The combination of Navelbine and Herceptine was the best one, and because it is over, I don’t need another chemo, Xeroda, which is not effective like Navelbine.

4)   The major side effect of Tykerb is diarrhea. If I can control this side effect, I can expect the good result.

5)    Herceptin hasn’t affected my heart. Unless I see some symptoms, I should continue Herceptin without worrying about Muga scan results.

6)   A new drug, TDM-1, coming out soon, is promising. If my cancer won’t go away in a year, I can use this new drug.

7)    Although cancer didn’t disappear, it doesn’t mean that chemo has failed because it has prevented spreading to other parts of the body.

He is so knowledgeable and confident that my hope was boosted up.

I am so blessed to be able to confer with such a great doctor as well as my Kaiser doctors who are so supportive and open to listen to outside opinions.

“We’re Going to Win”

Here is Dr. Glaspy I found in Youtube. It is so encouraging to hear his word, ” There is no doubt in my mind we’re going to win (against Breast Cancer).”

2 thoughts on “We’ll Win Against Breast Cancer

  1. Hi my courageous and strong friend!
    I did not see you at church today. I hope you are feeling well.
    This new information is fascinating. New and effective drugs are being developed and that is so important for your improving health condition.
    George’s sermon today was excellent and he mentioned you as one of his mentors. That was so touching.
    Many hugs, Lenore

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