Unprecedented Resilient cancer

At the Clinic

“ Have you ever seen patients like me?” I asked.

“No,” said the oncologist.

Although I tried 2 regiments with different chemo, cancer was still there.  It was a surprise even for the oncologist. She told me that though she has seen patients with metastatic or returning cancer, I was the first one whose cancer stayed local and didn’t go away.

She, who ordered the Estrogen, progesterone, and HER 2 tests, explained to me that  cancer could mutate and change its character like from HER2 positive to negative.

Also, even if the test result shows HER2 positive, some cells could have a different type.  I feel like I have the Alien, something totally different creature, in my body!

What Next

The oncologist recommended for me to have radiation therapy as well as  continual chemo with Xeloda and Lapatinib( Tykerb) .

Xeloda and Lapatinib are drugs for metastatic cancer, and usually Lapatinib is used when Herceptin is no longer effective.

I  asked the oncologist if I could use three drugs adding  Herceptin as I have read those three were more effective.

The information from the online also said that those drugs would cost $ 4000-5000 monthly for each and sometimes this high cost might discourage doctors from the simultaneous use.

Though I was concerned about it, the doctor accepted my request without any problems.  That means, thankfully, the Kaiser insurance will cover the cost!

As I informed her that I would go to get a 2nd opinion at UCLA this Thursday, she also welcomed this option and provided me all copies of the tests.

I can’t believe I have such unusual resilient cancer, but the medicine has been advanced daily.

God says, “ Fear not” and He is ahead of me to prepare my path.  So I will stand up and fight again!

3 thoughts on “Unprecedented Resilient cancer

  1. Hear Aslan roar loud and deep: “Fear not, little one. Neither be discouraged – for I am with you always. I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

  2. There is nothing like making medical history!
    Your case is unique and so are your abilities to continue on with the good fight.
    My heart and love go out to you.

  3. Kathy, You are the strongest person I have ever known. Keep up the fight and know that Jesus is right beside you. So many prayers are out there and I know he hears our prayers.I love you and am always here for you. Mom

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