Energy is Coming Back

I was told that I could take a shower 48 hours after the surgery.  So I did so in the morning on Friday, but then I felt chilly, feverish, no energy and no appetite.  I spent most of the day just sleeping. Saturday morning, probably because I rested well, my appetite and energy came back.

1 Mile Walk

The post surgery instruction says it is good to have exercise as much as possible.  I decided to walk to a nutrient store, which is about 1 mile away from my house, to get Acai-berry Juice.

Acai-berry is popular recently because it is good for losing weight or boosting an immune system, according to an advertisement.  At the store there are many kinds of Acai-berry juice, but I had to walk home back and couldn’t carry more than 10 lb. so I picked a small 16 oz bottle which was about $15.

Four doors down from the nutrition store is a Japanese supermarket.  I wanted to get some cookies for Mrs. C, who brought dinner for George on the day of my surgery. I went to the supermarket.

Six doors down from the Japanese market is a Rite Aide.  I should buy a birthday card for Ma (George’s mother) whose birthday is on April 9th.

I left home only thinking of buying Acai berry Juice, but my shopping items increased quickly.

Walking around in the Rite Aide, as I was getting tired and felt my energy was going out like the air going out from a balloon, the phone rang.  It was from my son, Soh.

He got our house, but  since nobody was there, he called me.

“ Mom, where are you?”

“ I’m at Rite Aide.”

“ Did you walk to Rite Aide? Do you want to me to pick you up?  You must not carry many things, right?”

Thankfully I could get back home by Soh’s car.

The post lymph nodes excision instruction says I shouldn’t vacuum or wipe windows that require repetitive hand motions for a few months.  I humbly accepted Soh’s offer for help.

Pinky, our daughter-in-law, said, “ Mom, you must be tired.  I can take Pepper ( our beagle) to walk.”

Pepper is now 14 years old; she is now too old to have a long walk.  Although she wants to keep walking, she gets too tired to come back. — I told Pinky.  Then Soh said, “ It is just like you, Mom,” and we all laughed.

Pins and Needles –Good Sign

While my son and daughter-in-law were helping, I called Kiser because I had pins and needle pain around the incision area all day: I looked at the area through a mirror making sure that the tube was still inserted into the skin.  It didn’t look red, swollen, or bleeding.  Wondering that maybe the tube was being pulled by the clothes, I moved the tube different directions, but it didn’t help at all.

After being on hold for a long time, a nurse, who finally answered the phone told me that it was a good sign of blood circulation which was coming back to normal if there is no other problems.  I was glad to hear some good news.

A PET scan will be on Tuesday 5th.  Though there is a recent concern of my hip pain, God is sending me a good spirit and I think I can be ok at least until the day I get the result of PET.

2 thoughts on “Energy is Coming Back

  1. Dear Kathy, I have just picked up your latest blogs since my arrival in England. I am glad the surgery is over for you but sad about the results. I will be praying that the cancer did not spread. May God comfort you and give you peace Kathy. He is with you every step of the way – hold on tight to Him! I will see you soon on my return April 13th. Love to you and George.

  2. Kathy, Kathy, Kathy- a name which Kyle adores, talks about, loves…and since he chats to me about you, sends me emails about you, I figure you are one sister in Christ whom I love, although we’ve never met. Isn’t weird we read about other people’s lives and then feel a kindredness to that person. That’s you. Thank you for sharing your story. It causes me, no it allows me to bend my knee, look upward and cry out to Jesus to be nearer to you than he ever has, to comfort you and George and your sons. I may never know what it is like to go through what you are going through, but if I do… your story will help. I will keep you in prayers Kathy.
    With love,
    Gayle, Kyle’s sister.

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