Biopsy Found Cancer

Tonight was the night for the C.S. Lewis group at church.  Though I had an operation on Tuesday, as I am recuperating well, I went to the ESL bible class this morning and finished an early dinner in order to go to the  C.S. Lewis Group, as well.  When I was about to leave, I found an e-mail from the oncologist and opened it.

“The Biopsy showed cancer in all three lymph nodes.  I am sorry…..”

As my hair grew back, I thought I was done with my chemo.  I was wondering when I could go to Japan.  I felt like I was knocked down hard.

The oncologist said she will order a PET scan to find out if cancer has spread to other parts of my body, and if not, she will ask the radiation doctors if they recommend proceeding with radiation therapy.

I have to continue chemotherapy also but she will research which drugs are options including Herceptin.

George will call Dr. Glaspy at UCLA to get an appointment for a  2nd opinion again tomorrow.

Because Jesus is the only one I can hold on, I chose to go to church as George asked me if I wanted to do so or not.

Although cancer hasn’t gone away from my body, the Holy Spirit is still alive.  God loves me and promised me not to abandon me.  I am not alone!  Having a discussion on Narnia was affirming.

After the study, everyone put his/her hand on me and prayed for me.

At home, I read each Bible verse on my blog,   I pray that our Lord will raise me up again to  be in the 3rd round of battle with breast cancer.

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  1. Kathy, know that God is Good, and I will let you finish the rest… Maureen and I will continue to pray FOR YOUR RECOVERY. Please call anytime you need to, love to you and Goerge,
    Maureen & Jim

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