The 2nd Surgery is Over

On the day of the 2nd surgery to remove lymph nodes, George and I got up at 6 am, checked in the hospital at 7 am, and I went to an image center in a wheelchair at 8:30 am. There a doctor inserted wires into my lymph nodes with an ultrasound in order to mark the location for my surgeon. ” Is the size of the lymph nodes same or bigger?” I asked.

” It is a little bit bigger.” answered a doctor.  Bigger?  if it is normal, the size shouldn’t changed… I was concerned.

It was about an hour procedure with a local anesthesia. Then I went back to a pre-operation room and received medicines such as anti-nausea, pain-killer, sedative, etc as well as the explanation of the procedure.

In the pre-operation room

At 1pm, I headed to an operation room on a gurney but I don’t remember after then and when I woke up it was already after 3pm and I was in a recovery room.

The surgeon told George that she removed not only lymph nodes but also whole lump tissue.  She said one of the lymph nodes, that changed the size, was hard:  This is also concerned me.

I stayed until after 4pm as I was still groggy, and came back home with a drain hanging from the armpit, around 5pm.

I felt a little bit sick in the car, but as of now (10 pm) I don’t have any pain and could have a bowl of consommé soup completely.
Soh and Pinky came over and I could chat with them sitting on the couch, as well.

I can hardly wait for hearing the result of the biopsy, but remembering a story that faith in Jesus heals many people in Bible, I have to stay calm.

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