First Hair Cut in 9 months

Since my chemo changed to Navelbine last October, my hair has been growing back and I went to have hair cut yesterday the first time in 9 months. Dori, my hair stylist, welcomed me with a big hug and a big smile.

People told me that chemo would change my hair to curly, and that was true.  My hair is no more straight.   Last June when I begun the Neo-adjuvant chemo, I became like Woodstock in Snoopy – a few hairs left on my head were sticking out.  Yet probably my hair has grown about 5 cm since last October. Although I needed some courage, I’ve been going out without the wig for the last two weeks. People I see are so kind that they say to me, “ I like your new hair!” I am learning how to be nice like them.

“ Your hair grows fast,” said Dori, shaping my hair.

“Really?  I hope I don’t have to lose hair again by chemo.”

“ Oh no. You won’t”

Dori encouraged me, and I felt better after this first hair cut in a long while .

At night, as the suggestion of George, we had a prayer gathering for Japan at our house.  Although it was the last minute, four people came over and we prayed one after another:

For people who lost their loved ones,

For people who are starving without heat at a shelter,

For people who are frightened near the nuclear leaking plants,

For rescuers and the nuclear workers who are working frantically to save victims and prevent more disaster.

For rescuers who have dashed to Japan from abroad

For people who are sick or in special needs, and for animals in the affected areas.

For the Japanese government

For people who want to help

And for all people who are in Japan and Japan’s future;

We prayed with all our hearts together.

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