My Family is Safe

I’d like to let you know that my family in Japan is safe and to thank all people who have been concerned about Japan after the devastating earthquake hit there.

The first news of this massive earthquake came from Peggy.  It was around 11pm on the 10th as I opened her e-mail.  I immediately checked Japanese news on line and then found only one sentence telling the magnitude, the quake location, time the quake hit and a warning of Tsunami but nothing else. The quake area,  Miyagi prefecture, is about 330 miles away from my hometown, Hamamatsu. Knowing my family and most friends live far enough from the quake area so they  should be safe, I went to bed.

Next morning, though George and I woke up to several phone calls from people who were worried about my loved ones’ safety, I was still not comprehending what was exactly happening in Japan.

Then the images I saw that morning on TV and the Internet stunned me.  The night before was just too early to know anything about this terrible nightmare.  The Kobe earthquake was deadly and massive, but this one looked more destructive.

At this moment we are still not sure of the exact damages,casualties, or how long it will take for recovery, but many rescuers, including rescue dogs, medical professions, and nuke specialists have been heading from the U.S. to Japan from air and sea. How encouraging this is!  I wish I could let all Japanese know they are not alone!  Although Japan is still in crisis, I am so thankful for this great nation and people, who know how to  reach out to needy people promptly.  May God bless you and give marcy  on Japan!

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