Meds & Supplements to Avoid for Surgery

A letter came from the hospital to send a list of meds and supplements I should stop taking in order to have surgery.  The list is on two pages.

Those meds and supplements could increase bleeding according to the letter, while I recently learned that transfusion is dangerous.

I am not taking any medicine besides chemo currently, but I am taking Acaiberry juice and sometimes multiple vitamins.   It seems like the family of aspirin is not good. Vitamin E, Garlic, Ginger, Chinese mushrooms, and Ginseng are also to be stopped 2 weeks before surgery.

I was surprised because according to other sites those are highly recommended to prevent cancer or slow down the cancer’s growth.  Yet as I read the letter, it says, “herbs are actually weak drugs that may cause unwanted effects in people with chronic medical conditions and they may interfere with other medications.”

Kaiser doesn’t endorse the use of herbs even during chemo, but now it makes sense.  I was told that Sushi and alcohol are also not good during chemo.  If the cancer is Estrogen positive, soy products are not good, either.

Although most survivors talk about cancer diet, maybe this is an issue we should not just jump on and that it is more complicated than I think.

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