Cancer Ruled Out

As I am writing everything on the blog, I feel sorry  that I make people who read my blog worry about me.

Doctors still not sure what caused the bleeding,  but today a gynecologist  who examined me – including with ultrasound – said that there was nothing to be concerned as of now.   My oncologist also e-mailed me that the urinary test looked good because there was no blood in the urine.   Though I will have a blood test to see a tumor marker  this Saturday, the oncologist ruled out the cancer possibility and suggested to keep testing periodically to keep an eye on abnormal symptoms.

It would be better to find out the cause of bleeding, but the fear, which always tries to sneak up, faded away again and I was relieved.   I was more talkative, singing, played  chess, ran with Pepper, our beagle, and  as I read “The Joy in Loving” , the book about Mother Teresa, which was my birthday gift from Roy, the elder son, I was inspired very much.  I was high spiritually, too.  I totally believe that a body , mind, and spirit are connected so intimately.

I finally could get a date for lymph node excision surgery; it will be on 3/29.  I have to brace myself soon again, but until then I’d like to sit back and enjoy the days.

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