Fall Down but Rise Up Again

Negative Bone Scan

E-mail came from my oncologist.The result of the bone scan I had last Friday was NEGATIVE!! Praise the Lord!  I could pass one more test!  Now I will discuss with the oncologist when I will hold off Navelbine to prepare for the next hurdle, the excision of the two lymph nodes.

Cancer Family Support

Starting this year, Grain of Wheat Inc. is supporting cancer families in the LA Japanese community.  Fighting with cancer is distressful, but how much so if you don’t have enough language skill or a family and friends to depend on?  The purpose for supporting Japanese speaking cancer families is to encourage each other providing language support, various information, and opportunities to share concerns or experiences.

One of the families was recently told that their daughter had a stage 4 cancer and they spent sleepless nights fearing that they would lose her.  Yet, overcoming the first chemo side-effects, the family has raised their spirits and started collecting information to fight back.  As the father even offered me rides to go to have my chemo, his voice sounded stronger than ever.  When Mrs. B found out her husband had a rare type of cancer that is incurable, she said she didn’t remember how she got home, but since he has been doing well after his stem cell transplant surgery, she can now talk with smiles.

Sharing stories with them, I felt like I am not the only one who is fighting for life, but I can find a sense of togetherness. “Stumbling 7 times but rising up 8 times.”  I hope we can keep holding this positive energy and passing it around with other fighters.  I hope to keep sending the message; “Courage, friends, whether we live or die Aslan (The lion=Christ figure in the story of Narnia) will be our good lord.” –I wonder that this might be my mission from “Aslan” in the adventure of breast cancer.

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  1. Hi Kathy, Wonderful news about the bone scan. We are so happy. We all need to take one day at a time and I know with your love of God you will come through this. Love, Aunt Pat

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