Possibly Lymph Nodes Excision

“ If I were you, I would cut them out,” said the surgeon.  She also said, “ We don’t know if chemo was working or not until we become an old lady.”

According to her (who also was a breast cancer patient), once cancer spreads to other organs or tissues, it is considered  not curable, but treatable, aiming to keep the quality of life as long as possible, but until then the treatment should be aggressive.

Cancer cells migrate to other organs and tissues through the lymph or blood systems.  Then even if I remove the two lymph nodes, it doesn’t mean I will be safe.  Yet, my cancer had spread into lymph nodes in the right armpit and was so resilient that it didn’t respond to the first chemo.  The surgeon affirmed my concern that the two lymph nodes could be cancerous.  In order to have a biopsy, the surgeon will remove them because they are too small to cut a sample.  The procedure will take 5-6 hours; a same day surgery with a risk of lymphedema.

If today’s bone scan result is clear, we’ll pick a day for the surgery.  I have to stop Navelbine this time instead of Herceptine if I have a surgery.  Risks are always there ,  but I have to trust my good doctors and I must take every step to beat the cancer believing that “Aslan” is leading me.

4 thoughts on “Possibly Lymph Nodes Excision

  1. Oh wow, there is always a new bend in the road on this quest for health. The Narnia metaphor is most appropriate and I know that “Aslan” is with you. You are, have been, and will be strong because of your faith. God is good.
    Love you.

  2. Hi Kathy, I will be praying for you though your newest battle. I am so thankful you have your blog as I don’t have to bother you or George with phone calls. I hope you now we are always thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. Love, Aunt Pat

  3. Hi Kathy, Another challenge for you but you will come through it. So pleased about your heart scan results – something to add to your thankful list. Stay strong, dear friend, your battle belongs to the Lord. I’ll pop in to see you soon.

    Love Susan

  4. Kathy, I haven’t checked in with you in awhile. Have you scheduled a date for your surgery? Just another small bump in the road to recovery!! Stay strong!! Praying…
    Love, Lois

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