Heart Function Bounced Back

I had a Muga heart scan again yesterday to see if my heart function improved or not.  Usually I don’t hear results until next visit, but this time I received an e-mail from the oncologist in the same day. My doctor must have been pleased with the good result,too.  According to her, my number recovered to 74%, almost to the first test result, which was 77%.

I am so thankful that my heart recovered without permanent damage and now I can resume Herceptine that has been held-off since two weeks ago.

Herceptine is the important drug that I have to continue for one year even after chemo and radiation are completed.  Probably I will have to hold-off again and again since it affects my heart but I hope I can continue it till the end.

I will have a scheduled 6-month bone scan tomorrow and see the surgeon to discuss a possible biopsy and removal of the left-over two lymph nodes.

2 thoughts on “Heart Function Bounced Back

  1. Praying that the bone scan results are good and very thankful for the good news on the heart! Love you!

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