When I can’t sleep

My weapons to guard myself from fear – that is ready to jump on me anytime – are the Bible and prayers, to be with people who are positive and caring, and to read books that inspire and encourage me.

The Chronicles of Narnia written by C. S. Lewis are children’s stories in which ordinary children slide into Narnia, a totally different world, all at once and have adventures.  I am getting strength and hope from these stories I’ve read in a small group at church.

In the stories, as the children got into crisis, a lion called Aslan comes from an unknown place and rescues them.  The children, who know they can’t retreat but only go forward no matter how frightening it is, are transformed to be brave but tender knights each time as they go through a challenge being helped by Aslan, and finally beat the White Witch, the ultimate enemy.

Since I was diagnosed with cancer, my life also has been in continual challenges.  Yet, “Aslan is on the move (to rescue me).”; when I can overcome a challenge, I can become stronger and tender like the children in Narnia!—That’s what I wonder.

“Courage, friends,” “whether we live or die Aslan will be our good lord.” (from “The Silver Chair” ch. 14)—The line echoes deeply into my heart and even makes me think that I also have a reason given by Aslan to go through this “adventure” , a battle with cancer.

There is a psychological technique called visualization imaging where a positive picture is used to bring peace and cheer to your mind. If I use this technique, I would image Aslan.

When I can’t sleep or am on an examination table, I will image Aslan who shakes his golden mane bravely and roars strongly showing his fangs at my enemy, fear – He is standing right next to me!

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