Lump Again

A few days ago I noticed there was swollenness under my left arm that was on the side I had a mastectomy.  Although I don’t feel if my arm is down, it is a hard lump and visible as I raise my arm.

About a month ago when I had a CT scan, the result was clear except fluid collection in the left side.

Today was a day to see my oncologist, so I had her examine it.  The Doctor said it may be a fluid or blood collection getting bigger but she also  ordered a test with a syringe without ruling out the possibility of  returning of cancer.

It is the same test I had last May when I first found a lump in my breast:  Poking a needle of syringe and trying to withdraw any fluid.  Yet again, nothing came out.  So I have to have an ultrasound next and possibly a biopsy as well.  I was told to come back on the 19th of January but it sounds too far away, so as I got home, I called the hospital to get an earlier appointment and I could.  My new appointment for the ultrasound is 10th, the same day as next chemo.  My regular exam for the heart, Muga scan, is due on the 7th.  As the new year started, I am getting busy again to visit the hospital.  Fastening the seatbelt called Jesus, I have to brace myself for another rollercoaster ride.

One thought on “Lump Again

  1. Hi Kathy, Just picked up your blog and wanted to send you prayers of encouragement and love. We are all on rollercoaster rides,but you more than most. Your amazing faith in Jesus is powerful to witness. What a comfort He must be to you.
    Much love and will see you soon.

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