Post Mastectomy Bra

Kaiser insurance covers one prosthesis every year and up to three mastectomy bras every two years.

Waiting for two months until my scar is healed completely, I went to the stores.  I could find a prosthesis for my size, but the special bras were too big.  Then a clerk at Nordstrom pleased me saying that the store could order to make a prosthesis pocket on the back of a regular bra and still I could use the insurance.

I picked three and was waiting for the pockets to be made.

My deductable was zero.  It is so comfortable that I can wear even thin summer T-shirts.  the Weight  doesn’t bother at all, too.  Everything is so convenient! I was impressed. Probably this is the result of the Pink Ribbon campaigns by so many women, and I am thankful for Kaiser insurance as well as Torrance Unified School District that provides me this good insurance.

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