Go to a Doctor

In spite of a cold, I could enjoy Christmas very much, but being concerned about me not being able to leave a Kleenex box at all, and continual coughing in bed, George said, “Go to a doctor.”  So Monday I went to an urgent care.  Being right after Christmas weekend, my appointment was  not until 7:20 pm and the urgent care was packed even to the hallway  when I got there.

As I told the doctor that I was a chemo patient, she immediately ordered a blood test  and a chest x-ray, yet fortunately my blood cell count was normal and  the x-ray was also clear.  I came home with a prescribed antibiotic.

The pain, which has been traveling all over in my body, has circled back to my chest, but since I caught a cold, I have been annoyed with running nose, cough, and a head ache rather than the pain.  If this is due to the chemo, it may continue, but I am glad that the pain is getting lesser.

I am thankful for being able to finish this turbulent year peacefully without another hospitalization because of George who has been taking super good care of me, and good medicines.

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