Side Effects of Navelbine?

George and I discussed with the oncologist regarding my pain again today.

The pain started from around the incision and spread to my right breast and armpit.  Then it moved to the right shoulder, collar bone, and the right side of the neck.  Last week I started feeling strong throbbing pain in my right arm that always received the chemo IV.  It has calmed down, but now I have a twitching pain right below the rib cage.

The doctor said “traveling pain” didn’t sound like cancer pain.  It may be a side effect of Navelbine.  She had ordered a PET scan to make sure if it was not because of cancer, but I have been exposed to radiation through exams so many times since I found a lump in my breast and I have to have a radiation therapy after this chemotherapy, also.  I’d like to avoid radiation exposure as much as possible.  Since CT scan was clear, I decided to bet this pain was from Navelbine, and canceled the PET scan.  So let’s see.

One thought on “Side Effects of Navelbine?

  1. Hi Kathy, I was thinking about you all day today and was wondering how you are feeling. I was out shopping, not getting very much accomplished. I thought I would check with your blog to see if there was anything new. I do hope you are feeling OK. We heard tonight that we may get our first really big snow storm this weekend. Not looking forward to it although it really makes it look more like Christmas. Well, I will go now but remember you are always in my thoughts. Love to all, Aunt Pat

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