Although the Pain is Still There..

The Christmas season has opened.  Our church also now has beautiful decorations and we’ll celebrate Jesus’ birth in many ways until the New Year comes.

In spite of my long term sick leave from work, and though unknown intermittent pain is still in my body, I am participating in a variety of Christmas events in/out of the church and probably that’s why I am enjoying everyday.

Last Thursday, our Happiness group got together with goodies at Don and Pat’s house to sing Christmas carols.

Friday and Saturday I volunteered for our church’s 53-year-old tradition, Yule Parlor Parade.  This is a Christmas fund-raising tour visiting beautiful mansions with glorious Christmas decorations and a formal tea, bakery & gift shops, and Christmas music at the church.   The all the ticket sales will be donated to local charity groups.   The Women’s Fellowship starts preparing for this big event from summer, but we made 8000 sandwiches in two days!  The serving spirit at the church where people offer their different talents and precious time happily for others has been already demonstrated to support me but it is so amazing and inspiring.

At night we went to listen to a Christmas choir at St.Irenaeus Catholic church where Jenifer, Roy’s girlfriend , is a choir member.  There must have been more than a thousand people.  The big church was full with standing room only. Listening to Christmas hymns that were followed by big applause each time, I felt light in the midst of various depressing news in the world and my battle with cancer as well, and I was filled with the strong power of joy that Jesus was sent to us for.

On Sunday, George took out our little Christmas tree, and I took out my Christmas music book to play piano.  Being surrounded by the Christmas spirit, I am HAPPY!

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