November 28th, 2010

A week of Appreciation 200%

It was an awesome week!

Tuesday when I baked cookies with Pinky and Ma, George’s mom, Wednesday when I had a breakfast with Pat from our church, Thursday when I baked turkey for 5 hours, and this weekend when George and I went to snowy Big Bear Lake, the good times continued without even one second of interruption until we got home safely today.

When I learned I had to redo chemo, I thought Thanksgiving and Christmas would be taken away from me this year.  Last Monday when I had a chest CT scan taken, I was afraid that a fear of cancer coming back would ruin this Thanksgiving week.  Yet, God granted my prayers.  With 200 % of appreciation, this week was full of joy and satisfaction – more than the past.

Thanksgiving is the day that we give thanks to people and God.  For our family, it is a tradition to share thanks with a prayer at the dinner table.

This year my path has been tough with breast cancer and the loss of my father.  Yet that is not all: There are good, happy things also happening.

So here goes my 10 thanks list.

#1.  I could bake a turkey and sit together with my beloved family at the Thanksgiving table again.

#2. For George and my children who have been supportive, encouraging me, and praying for me more than ever.

#3. For my extended family/families-in-law who live in not only CA, but also on the east coast, GA, AZ, the Middle East, Australia, and Japan who are praying for me daily and sending me letters and e-mails.

#4. My middle school friends went to my father’s funeral on behalf of me.  My high school friends got together to encourage me and sent a donation for Grain of Wheat Inc.  Church members have been continually cheering, sending cards, sending food to us, and praying for me as well as friends at work and organ transplant families.

#5.  For my father, who passed away this year at age 87 – having survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb – providing financial security for us for a long time and good memories with him.

#6.  For my middle sister Yuka who came to help me at my surgery and the youngest sister Mayumi and her husband Kiyotaka, who have taken care of my parents instead of me as the first child.

#7. For many breast cancer patients in the U.S. and Japan who have fought bravely and provided me lots of information about breast cancer through their blogs.

#8. For my oncologist at Kaiser who takes enough time to listen to us and replies quickly even through e-mails as well as Dr. Graspy who recommended me Navelbine.

#9. For two trips to Big Bear Lake with golden autumn leaves and white snow.

#10.  For being able to dance with George and Pa, George’s father at Megan’s weeding.

In spite of pains, discomforts and fears, my thanks list is continued more because I am in God’s big arms.  I want to say boldly, “God is good all the time!”