From Bruno’s Mom

In the dusk an old lady was standing in our backyard.  Who is it? Maybe she has Alzheimer’s and is lost?  That’s what George thought first.  As he opened the glass door, it was Bruno’s Mom!

I don’t remember her real name though I have asked her (I am really bad at remembering people’s names.) I call her Bruno’s (her dog’s name) mom and she also calls me Pepper’s (our beagle) mom. We are neighbors and see each other often as we have a walk with our dogs.  I had told her I had breast cancer, and she came to our house to bring me a shawl from her church that has a shawl ministry.

The shawl ministry started in 1977 and they have sent hand-knitted shawls, with their prayers, to people in need.

She tried the front door but because she couldn’t open the gate, she came to the back door with a beautifully wrapped warm shawl.

She, who lives in a senior residence with her husband and Bruno, always walks with a cane. It was so touching to receive a gift from someone whose name I don’t even know – except as “Bruno’s Mom”.   I am so blessed and so thankful!

with a shawl from Bruno’s mom

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