November 10th, 2010

Baking Cookies W/ Pinky

I was going to stay away from sweets for my health though, yesterday was an exception. I baked cookies with my daughter-in-law, Pinky.

She, who was born and grew up in the Philippines, has been married to Soh, my second son, for three years.  She quit her job this week, and it seems like she is deciding to spend time together with me until she finds a new job.

Holding heavy bags in her both hands, she came with a recipe of chocolate chip cookies.  I haven’t done baking for many years and for Pinky it was the first time to bake.  In spite of our poor experiences, the recipe was easy enough for us to make more than 20 big, handful size cookies in about a half hour. As we were excited in front of the warm, good-looking collaboration, George came home and enjoyed the sweet fragrance that filled with our house from the kitchen.

After baking cookies, we cooked chicken gratin.  The recipe was handed down from me to this young wife, Pinky.

At night she e-mailed me saying Soh enjoyed the gratin and cookies very much.  Imagining two of them smiling at each other at the dinner table, I was also content very much.   Next goal is baking Christmas’ cookies with Ma, George’s mom, who is an expert in baking cookies, and Pinky altogether.  Although staying away from sweets is important for my health, spending a good time with my family is as important as my health.  I am looking forward to the next time of baking with them!