November 6th, 2010

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for HER2+ Breast Cancer

While I was searching for good food to  fight against the cancer since now I can eat anything without taste change, I learned olive oil, particularly Extra Virgin Olive Oil (E.V.O.O.) is good for HER2+Breast Cancer.

According to researchers in Spain, 50ml or 10 teaspoons of E.V.O.O can reduce risks of breast cancer, HER2 positive, and slow down the growth of cancer cells. E.V.O.O. is unrefined, first-pressed through a cold press process, resulting in oil with less than 1% acidity.

Though I can find E.V.O.O. everywhere, most of them have only names, without the quality, and it seems very difficult to find the real one.  Olive oil is olive juice, according to a site, so it gets easily oxidized by temperature, light, and air. It is recommended to buy a small size.

Besides E.V.O.O, I have intentionally increased intakes of Acai berry juice that is getting popular as a high antioxidant supplement in the U.S., cranberry juice, pomegranates, green tea, shitake mushrooms, beans, and brown rice, in addition to reduce sugar, salt, and flower products.  Hopefully this diet will help battling cancer working with the new chemo.