November 1st, 2010

Restarting Herceptin

The result of the FISH test came back that my cancer was surely HER2 positive.  I am still waiting for the TOPO test that will tell if Adriamycin is effective for my cancer or not. I asked my oncologist to keep using Navelbine, regardless of the TOPO test result, since I haven’t had any major side effects with Navelbine so far. The oncologist was holding off on Herceptin because Adriamycin has a toxic affect on a heart, which could also have a side effect on the heart if I would have had Adriamycin. Yet today, I restarted Herceptin after three months. The combination of Herceptin and Navelbine is effective on HER2 positive cancer according to many web sites.   Though even this miracle medicine, Herceptin, doesn’t  promise 100 % of effectiveness with all HER2 positive, I felt relieved receiving it again.  May this time be successful!