Granted Family Trip

“What do you want to do for your birthday?”  My son asked me a question a few days before Megan’s wedding.  Since I have been doing well without any side effects, I wanted to go away somewhere with my family.  After I could enjoy Megan’s wedding, I became more hopeful and last week George reserved a vacation rental in Big Bear Lake, a ski resort, which was about three hours east driving from our home.  Unusually, L.A. had rain every day last week and it was cloudy as we left home last Friday.  As we got off the 210 FWY and drove a winding mountain road, the fog was so thick that we could barely see even 10 yards ahead, but when we got to the lake, it was sunny as though we had climbed above the clouds.  There was no snow yet; the mountains around the lake, where many birds were rested, were colored with evergreen and yellow with autumn leaves.  It was the beautiful autumn scenery I longed to see.

Saturday, my children also arrived and it became like a school field trip raising the energy level.  We enjoyed walking around the village and the lake, playing games, and celebrating my 56th birthday with a hot apple pie altogether. It has been since last year when we went to San Diego together for George’s birthday, but it is always so fun to have a family trip.  In the midst of my battle of cancer, this was an unexpected event and I deeply thank God for this precious family and the beautiful weekend we spent together again. God is good all the time!

with children @ Big Bear Lake Village

4 thoughts on “Granted Family Trip

  1. I enjoyed your blogs of the fairytale wedding and Big Bear trip.
    Thank you for sharing…
    See you next week Kathy.

  2. Hello Kathy! I had not taken the time to read your blog until last Tuesday. Since it goes all the way from May, I planned to read a few each day so that I could catch up from all the months passed. Instead of taking a week a two, it took only three days! It was so heartfelt to learn of your story by YOU, I could not help but continue. Before, I was mainly getting the details from Roy and George. To read your thoughts and the tangent stories about others that inspire you to push forward was amazing. It is without a doubt that God is with you. Hope is on your side. Not to mention your vast strength! You have qualities I aspire to possess. Thank you for sharing it all 🙂

  3. I am so glad you had a great family trip! There is nothing better than being all together in the mountains! That would be my birthday wish as well! I will keep praying for your continued strength and faith that God is good all the time! You continue to be a great witness for him!

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