Wedding in Woods

It Began crossing a small bridge

Across a small bridge decorated with big white and orange pumpkins, autumn leaves, lanterns, and old family pictures, over a brook, were trees stretching their curving branches to the sky and making a green pavilion.  It was as if we were slipping into a fairly tale.  In the tranquil green pavilion was a green aisle with autumn leaves on the sides and white chairs in rows waiting for the wedding guests.

Last Saturday, I could attend our cousin Megan’s wedding at Vista Valley Country Club about two hours away from Torrance, where I live.

After bridesmaids in purple dresses entered, being escorted by groomsmen in black suits, the bride in white wedding dress appeared with her father from the woods.  She was so beautiful as though the queen of the woods.  It was the 4th anniversary of her grandfather, Uncle Bob’s death, and the family chose this day as the wedding day to add a joyful memory, as well as to honor him.

I could dance, too!

The wedding in the woods was perfectly peaceful and then in the reception indoors the joy exploded like fireworks. A delicious dinner was followed by a dance time, and unexpectedly I also danced.  I couldn’t believe that I was dancing with George (it has been 5 months since we danced together.). But I, who am on chemo, was also dancing with Pa (my father-in-law), who could not even walk a year ago because of a stroke; it was almost like a dream!

Relatives including an aunt, uncle, and cousins from the east coast rejoiced in this family reunion, for the new beginning of the young wedded couple, and even for me who could make it to this special day.  This must be a taste of heaven where everything is beautiful, peaceful, and full of joy.

No Side Effects So Far

I could be a part of  this great day because there have been no side effects from new chemo, Navelbine, so far.  I had the  2nd chemo today  though, I hope this week will go smoothly without side effects, too.

5 thoughts on “Wedding in Woods

  1. You were queen of the ball. I’m so glad you could enjoy this special occasion – and Pa, too!

  2. wow! That’s amazing!
    I’m SO GLAD to hear this story.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. The day was everything we wanted it to be! The second best thing to the joy on my daughters face was having you and George there to celebrate with us! We love you both so much! Praise God for the strength he gave you to be able to come and celebrate with us all that day!

  4. Ditto to what my sister Lisa said!
    Everything is ALWAYS better when we’re together as a family. We rejoiced for so many reasons on that day, one of which was your presence. You looked amazing! We will continue to pray for your good health. So happy to see your entire family. xo Susan

  5. Kathy, i had a clear visualization of this beautiful wedding day with your colorful description. I also visualized you & George dancing happily! I am so happy you were able to experience & enjoy your cousin’s wedding! See you Thursday!!

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