Healing Animal Videos

My sons have sent me cute animal videos to cheer me up.  According to the Kaiser newsletter, having a pet is effective to reduce stress.  It helps lower blood pressure and patients who have had heart attacks have shown a significant difference between people who had pets and people who didn’t; one year later the death rate was 1 to 5.   With pets people can increase activity level, get comfort and encouragement, and help them connect to the outer world.

For me, an animal lover, the videos my sons send are absolutely a part of healing.

Please crick titles.

1. Otters holding hands

2.  Rottweiler Attacked by Beagle Puppy

3. Beagle Puppy Howl

4.  Beagle Puppy at 3 weeks “Cutest Thing Ever”

5.  A Perfect Beagle Howl

6.  Dancing Merengue Dog

7.  Big Cat Halloween

One thought on “Healing Animal Videos

  1. Oh Kathy…those were great! I especially loved the dancing dog…how did that guy train him to do that!?!? Thanks for posting!

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