Starting Navelbine

In the morning of the new chemo,

I found two e-mails: One was the story “ Cherokee Legend” from Sam and Lois, and the other was from Pat, who had come to clean our house and called the congregation to pray for me on the Sunday before my surgery.  She wrote me that she asked her friend who would participate in a 3 Day Cancer Walk in November to put my name on the back of her T-shirt.  Several years ago I participated in a Revlon Run for George’s friend who was fighting against breast cancer, but now someone else is going to walk with my name on her back…I didn’t expect this at all, but gratitude!  I have been encouraged by lots of people for today, but I left for new chemo being fully recharged to fight again by those two mails.

Everything is alright

While the previous chemo that had three drugs took three hours to inject, this time it took only 10 minutes.  There was neither pre-meds to prevent vomiting nor Neupogen, a shot to boost my white blood cell count yet.  Main side effects are constipation and numbness or tingling feeling in hands and feet, besides lowering blood cell counts.  I will receive Navelbine on the first and the 8th day following by a week off for the next 6 months.  Probably side effects will be getting heavier towards the end of the treatment, but at least it started smoothly.  This Saturday is a wedding of our cousin, Megan. It may be possible for me to participate!

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