“My Life is Not Only Mine”

Mr. Satoru Nakajima, was a post-heart transplant patient who had a surgery at UCLA Medical Center in 2003.  The following is his encouraging email translation.

“I usually let my wife e-mail you, but this time I am hitting the keyboard  as I ‘d like to share about my illness with you.  Knowing you are fighting with breast cancer, I thought I had to stay continually strong, too.  It has been 7 years and 9 months since I had a heart transplant, but I have been fighting with liver cancer, also, for three-and-a-half years.

Because I had hepatitis B virus, I was cautious, but it was quite depressing when CT scan found the cancer.  Multiple cancer cells were spread in my whole liver and an operation was not an option.  By a procedure called TACE,  chemo drugs were injected directly to my  tumors and  blood vessels were blocked.  Immunosuppression was also changed to a new drug, Certican, which was  introduced from  Europe to Japan recently.  I am in remission right now and stable.  When I was told that I had liver cancer, I got devastated. –Why do I have to go through so many diseases? It was daunting.  Yet I said to myself, “ I can’t be beaten by this. My life is not only mine, but the life saved by so many people; and more importantly this is the precious life received from my donor and his family.” And one more—I have a beloved family.   Living being positive without giving up is the most important thing I can do for my family.

Kathy, you also have a wonderful family.  Every time I see your family picture on the blog, it makes my heart warm.   Cancer treatments are tough.  Yet never give up!  I’d like you to have a happy life with your family for a long time.  There are so many people who are on your side even in Japan.   I will visit L.A. to see you sometime again with my wife.

Let’s fight and beat cancer!

A new organ transplant law in Japan is in effect, finally ,and organ donations are slowly increasing.  Although it is controversial, I think we need more systems to take care of donor families.  Anyhow,  I am pleased with this advancement.

Please send my regard to kind George. I pray for your successful treatment and quick recovery!

Mr. Satoru Nakajima with a volunteer right before  a heart transplant operation @ UCLA M.C. in Jan. 2003

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