Thumbs Up For Kaiser

I went to have  a Muga Scan to check my heart function today.  I need to check my heart every three months because Herceptin may cause  side-effects on a heart.  My new chemo drugs are not yet decided, but Adriamycin is one of possible drugs and this can be also hard on a heart.

Hoping for a good result, after the Muga, I received a free flu shot.  Flu is something I need to watch carefully during chemotherapy which lowers my immune system, but if I had been on chemo, I am not sure if I could have even had this vaccination or not.  I am glad I had a break from chemo.

Besides this free shot, so far I haven’t paid even a dime for all the exams and chemo I have received.  Besides my monthly insurance fee $23, I’ve paid only copayments for a doctor visit ($15), hospitalization ( $100) and for a prescription ($10).  Kaiser insurance covers only for Kaiser services, but as this time when my oncologist is consulting UCLA doctors, Kaiser is open to seek resources outside if necessary.  This is really good.  Trusting God who is fulfilling all my needs, I’d like to wait calmly for new chemo to be selected.

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