While Waiting for New Chemo

Since I couldn’t remove the 2nd drain until 10/1 and my oncologist is still working on my new chemo, the chemo scheduled on 9/30 was canceled and I have been off chemo.

After a Sunday worship service, I visited a retirement home with George who volunteered to give a communion service.  About 10 elderly people who were in wheelchairs or walkers gave us a warm welcome.  I learned that George’s visit was so much appreciated by them who were not able to go to the church, but also that they were praying for me to beat the cancer.  Being filled with thankfulness, I left there with a promise to come back.

In the afternoon, George, Roy, Jennie ( Roy’s girlfriend), and I drove to Temecula to celebrate Pa’s 83rd birthday.  Pa experienced paralysis of the left side of his body and speech difficulty from a stroke last year, but he recovered miraculously.  Now he lives in an assistive care home.  Though he is losing hearing and vision, I am thankful that he made good friends and is able to eat what he likes by himself.  Seeing Pa , who enjoyed the time being with us, I wished to share good and tough times altogether as a family for many more years to come.

One thought on “While Waiting for New Chemo

  1. The folks at the Canterbury retirement home are a joy to be with.
    We had a great time with Ma and Pa, Roy & Jen – it’s good to be family.
    And the cheescake was awesome!

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