September 27th, 2010

New Challenge

George and I saw the surgeon today, two weeks after my discharge.  One of two drains was removed from my body, and hopefully the other one will be removed in a couple days. We heard a pathology report, also:  The size of cancer in the breast was 25mm, which was the same size as the first ultrasound’s report in May when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the grade (not stage) of the tumor was 3.  The surgeon dissected all my lymph nodes under the left armpit, but 13 out of 21 were cancerous. Disappointingly, the chemo was working only minimally and the cancer may be still in my body.  According to this report, I will meet a radiology specialist tomorrow, and the oncologist on Wednesday and hear about new treatment options.  Though I hoped the chemo would be over soon, I will face the new challenge.