My Sister Went Back Home

My sister Yuka, who was taking care of me, left for Japan.  Two weeks she was here were almost like a vacation for George and me. Being relieved from lots of house chores such as cooking, laundry, etc, George could focus on his job, I could not only rest but also enjoyed the time being with her and even our dog could have a bath. For my mother-in law, who was going to come to take care of me taking day off from her work, it must have been a great help, also.  If the surgery were in October, my sister would be too busy as she signed up to be a volunteer administrator for a Census, yet because the surgery was moved up into September, she applied for a passport in a week, left her family behind, and flew to L.A.  While she was here, though I was concerned about my 87-year old father in Japan, who transferred to a senior hospital and recently has lost his appetite, he was also in God’s hand and could stay stable. Calling help from a family living far away is not always possible and I realize this was another blessing.  After Yuka left, George and I, who went back to being two alone, thanked God for this grace.  Without forgetting this grace, I need to get well soon and take good care of my two precious families in Japan and in the U.S.

Welcoming Yuka before the surgery

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