Cough, Running Nose, & Headache

It is not a good idea to stay in bed doing nothing after a surgery because you may develop pneumonia or blood clots,  according to a nurse.  On the 15th, the day after my surgery I was told to do respiratory exercises by inhaling and coughing ten times every hour.  Yet, the next day I started coughing without exercises and by Friday I had a running nose, headache, and fatigue.  Being persuaded by my family, I visited the urgent care again on Sat. yesterday.  “ You have a cold,” said a doctor.  I don’t know where I caught it, maybe at the hospital or maybe from George, who has been coughing for a while, but I need to fix it by next chemo on the 30th of this month.  The prescribed syrup is very effective to stop my cough immediately but makes me sleepy.  I am so glad to have my sister, who cooks every meal, does laundry, and vacuuming, here.  I can rest being taken good-care of.

Spirometer Coach 2, a device to prevent pneumonia

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