Surgery Was Successful

Today at 7:30pm I got home from the hospital.  Yesterday I remember seeing George at the bedside after listening to instructions of anesthesia and the next moment I was already in the recovery room.  George was next to me, again and said everything went well!

I used a button of Morphine, which was connected to my right arm through IV, several times to ease my pain in the afternoon, but by 7pm when my sons visited me I felt so much better without pain or nausea that I could even laugh.

I need to recuperate about two weeks at home, see the surgeon on 9/27 and restart chemo on 9/30.  The next hurdle is the pathology report on the 27th:  I will find out if my cancer has responded to the chemo or not, and if I am cancer free or not.  Anyway I could overcome this important surgery because of lots of people’s prayers.  Gratitude!

One thought on “Surgery Was Successful

  1. Kathy,
    You continue to be in my prayers and meditations daily. I can tell by your positive attitude that the healing love is all around you. Heal and rest. We hope to see you soon. Love & Hugs, Mark, Karen & Lana

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