It’s Urinary Tract Infection

Although my CT scan came back negative, as I stopped the diuretic, it was difficult not only to empty my bladder but also to even urinate. After midnight, getting nervous, I got up and sat at the computer to attempt making an appointment with my general doctor.  Yet her schedule on the computer is full until two weeks from now.  On Saturdays the urgent care is open until 7pm, but I am going to Temecula with my sister and sons to visit my parents-in-law driving 2 hours today. Should I try a same day appointment on Monday? I wonder.

Yet, George says I should see a doctor today instead of Monday, when I have an appointment with the surgeon already.  So around 4 pm I left Temecula and stopped by the urgent care on the way home.

I was asked to collect a urine sample again, and the result was positive.  I have Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) again!  Although last week it was negative, it seems like this was the cause of all stress of this week regarding the metastasis.    That’s it! Nothing else.  However, the doctor says I can’t have surgery without fixing this UTI because I will have a high risk of infection.  He prescribed an antibiotic, Cipro.  Although the pharmacist tells me to take it for a week, the doctor says it should cure my problem by Tuesday so that I can have the surgery.  Though I still have to confirm with the surgeon on Monday, if I had waited for the doctor visit until Monday, it would have been definitely too late to fix the UTI and I wouldn’t have been able to have the surgery.  I am so glad I went to the urgent care today.

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