Water Retention

If you are on chemo, you need to monitor your body’s functions such as heart, liver, and kidney.  Last Wednesday when I visited the oncologist, I requested a urine test because recently I felt like it was difficult to empty my bladder.  The result was negative, but the next day my legs were getting swollen enough to leave leg lines of socks and sandals. My mouth has been dry and I’ve been drinking a lot, also, on top of my weight gain in spite of the taste change, which reduces my appetite. I have been gaining almost 10 lbs since the fist chemo!   So I let the doctor know about my swollen legs through e-mail.  One of advantages of the Kaiser system is I can communicate with doctors anytime through e-mails.  An oncologist on-call quickly replied to me saying this was probably the side effects of Decadron, a steroid,and Taxotere, one of chemo drugs, and suggested that I elevate my legs. I tried.  Yet since it didn’t help at all, this time I asked for a diuretic. Then the doctor told me to check my potassium level in a few days as the diuretic could decrease it.  I searched foods with potassium on line: raisins, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, nuts, beans, seaweeds, fish, turkey, avocados, spinach, tomato, etc. Thankfully there are so many that are rich in potassium.  As this week my 5th chemo was put off due to the operation on the 14th, I’m going to cook those foods to keep my potassium level up.

Diuretic w/ a banana picture

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  1. Kathy, you will be in my thoughts & prayers, before your surgery, the day of your surgery and after your surgery. You will come through with flying colors because you have had such a positive attitude & faith in God throughout all of this.
    Take care & stay strong!! Lois

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