Surgery is Coming Up

The surgery scheduled in October was moved up to September, probably 14th.  I had a second ultrasound a few weeks ago.  It showed that the cancer in the left lymph nodes has shrunken to an unrecognizable size, but the one in the left breast hasn’t changed size compared with the first test which was done in May more than a month before chemo started.  Doctors said it was not a good comparison because probably the cancer has grown already before chemo. Yet they recommended to have an operation holding off chemo just in the case that cancer is not responding any more to chemo.  I will meet a plastic surgeon tomorrow to hear cons and pros of reconstruction. If I decide not to have reconstruction, or if I do and it’s possible to have it all together on the 14th, that will be my operation date.  Hmmm….Finally the surgery is coming and  I am getting uptight.

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