Ami Came to L.A. Again

Ami, who had a heart transplant at UCLA at age 7, came to L.A again. This time it was all for fun!  Yet back then, the family was desperate: Ami had a stroke and her parents were not sure if she could recover or she would make it to fly to the U.S.. Meanwhile they had to raise more than a million dollars for medical travel costs, also. It is now 5 years later, and the family who brought grown up Ami looked so happy.

“She always wanted to come back to L.A.,” said Mom. Though her first 6-month-stay for the heart transplant was not easy being full of tests, exams, an all night surgery, drugs and numerous side effects, she seemed to keep only good memories.  Even now she has blood work every two weeks, monthly check ups, and takes 8 meds every day. She has a disability caused by her stroke, too.  However, neither she nor her family complains at all.  Holding the arm of her little brother, mother, or with dad, she looks so content always; even at the boring times such as adult oriented shopping or conversation. Seeing her and her family again, I renewed my gratitude for the generosity of the U.S. and the donor family that saved her life.

From right Ami’s mom, dad, Ami,  her brother and volunteers

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  1. We love you Kathy! We continue to pray that God will heal, encourage, and bless you abundantly!

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