Celebrating George’s Birthday

After Sunday worship service, I went to the hospital for pre-blood work for Tuesday’s Chemo.  The result came in to my computer as soon as I got home.  Everything is in an average range.  This was good!

In the evening, we as a family went to the annual music summer concert at the church with a picnic dinner.  Also, since the 17th would be George’s birthday, tonight we brought big cakes to celebrate it with the people who got together. Our church, standing on the cliff with a 180 degree view of the ocean, used to be a mansion given as a birthday gift from a wealthy man to his wife. A couple times this beautiful church was used even for movie scenes.   Dinning on the patio with a glorious view – with Catalina Island on the left – the city of Santa Monica on the right, and with a golden sunset on the horizon, made us feel as if we were so rich.  After people jumped in to help me, (I was disoriented), hand out cakes, we moved to the instant amphitheater with chairs and lights set out near the fountain to  enjoyed a rock’n roll concert.  it started with “Happy Birthday” in Italian for George.  There were people who were dancing, too!  It was fun to watch people having a good time. Then at home we continued to celebrate his birthday with gifts and lots of  laughter. Happy Birthday George!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating George’s Birthday

  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GEORGE! What church do you attend Kathy? With the beautiful views of the southbay??

  2. It is a little late to say, but I’d like to say,

    ” Happy Birthday, George!!!”

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