Helping a Japanese Medical Student

When I feel well, I’d like to do what I can do or should do.  One of the goals of Grain of Wheat Inc. is to support students who want to work in a medical field.  Today George and I introduced a Japanese medical student, who wished to work in the U.S., to Junko, who used to be a Grain of Wheat volunteer and now is a resident at Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC).  We drove to the hospital in the City of Orange this afternoon. CHOC Children’s is a nonprofit organization that serves families without medical insurance and Junko works 80-90 hours per week.  In spite of such a busy schedule, she took time for the student.

The two discussed the difference between Japan and the U.S.’s medicines and hospitals, and shared their dreams with passion. I was encouraged listening to them, people who really want to give themselves to care about patients, not because of money or status, and I wish them all the best without being trapped by greed and power from the society.

After leaving the hospital, George and I drove to the downtown and found a small, cozy Italian restaurant.  Though Italian cuisine is George’s favorite, I have avoided it since my taste change.  Yet, tonight may be different. And it was!  After the good work, I enjoyed it even more than I thought, with a good conversation with George.  On the way home looking at the beautiful dusk from the freeway with many lanes, I felt abundantly given richness and hope for tomorrow.

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