” Sweet Music for Autonomic Nerves”

I found a big card and a CD in a package from Japan.  It was from the family of Takuma (12 yr old), who had a heart transplant at UCLA Medical Center 9 years ago.  He has been in and out of a hospital in Japan for a year or so because his transplanted heart started weakening.  Though heart transplant is a miraculous treatment that saves a life from the verge of death, unfortunately it is still not a full treatment.  Takuma, who became a soccer athlete, is now fighting again against heart disease and numerous side effects of drugs.

Since I found cancer, receiving continual support and prayers from so many people, I’ve experienced how much it means for a person to receive kind words even if it’s simple.  God has been working on me, and I’d like to respond to him becoming more compassionate and be able to give freely.

As I sent Takuma a book of Snoopy, now his family sent me the gift.  I appreciate their thoughtful words on the card drawn by Takuma’s sister, but also the CD“ Sweet Music for Autonomic Nerves”, which is really soothing.  Next week when I get sick from chemo side effects, I will listen to this CD thinking about a little fighter, Takuma.

from “Sweet Music for Autonomic Nerves”                                                                Takuma 2010

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