Encouragement From Noriko

It has been a week since my 3rd chemo. Though I go to bed expecting that tomorrow will be better than today, my body has felt heavy and food has tasted horrible still. “ Don’t you remember what the nurse said? Because chemo accumulates as cycles go by, it will get tougher,” said George. No, I don’t remember that, yet  I do remember  some  people  saying such a thing. Though I still need to take three more chemos, is this true? I started Googling, and then my eyes were caught by words “ chemo brain” even before I found the answers. It is a side effect on a brain from chemo that affects memory, understanding, reasoning, etc. I’ve heard those words, and I thought that was a joke, but it’s not! The Internet says sometimes this side effect continues even after chemo is over. This sounds really scary! I continue Googling, and then all of sudden I thought about Noriko. She, who signed up for bone marrow donations 12 years ago, was recently contacted for an exam.
For living organ or tissue donations, donors always have some risks. Apparently a bone marrow donation is done with total anesthesia and a recovery from pain takes a few days. As I was talking about this over the phone with Noriko, she said, “I’ve gone through so many painful experiences. So I don’t mind if it’s just pain.” “ If I didn’t do it, and a patient dies, I may regret it.” People who need bone marrow transplants are usually leukemia patients and although I don’t know any donors, I know a quite a few people who needed or need this transplant. I understand how vital the donations are, yet I don’t have any courage to donate by taking the pain. On the other hand, Noriko is willing to take a risk for a stranger she doesn’t know. “ Love your neighbor as yourself”—a teaching of Jesus echoes into my ears again. As I thought about her, that she loved our Lord with all of her heart, I thought worrying about my side effects wasjust a little thing. I have to do what I have to do: take my chemo, trust our Lord and “let tomorrow worry about itself”. I stopped Googling and instead, I emailed Noriko to thank her.

One thought on “Encouragement From Noriko

  1. Thank you for your courage and testimony Kathy. I feel ashamed and very spoiled whenever I read about your situation.

    Sharon & I continue to pray for you and your family. Please let us know if you need anything.

    We love you!

    Joe & Sharon

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