Prayer Flower

The youth group of the church made a“Prayer Flower” for me.  As a summer project, they decided to express their prayers for me.  I barely know any of these wonderful students. They already had sent me thoughtful get-well cards shortly before, so, this is the 2nd gift from them. 

When I was their age, what was I doing?  Have I ever thought if I could do or want to do something for someone else?  No. Except for someone I had a crush on, I was only thinking of myself.  I didn’t even care how to appreciate, or apologize.   Everything was discerned based on my own gain or loss, and I was not interested in things unless it would benefit me.  But these adolescents are thinking of someone else besides themselves, how to encourage and give hope, and finding joy by doing so.  “ Love your neighbor as yourself,”—  May those youngsters, who follow the Bible teaching, lead the future of this country!

2 thoughts on “Prayer Flower

  1. HEY KATHY!! MUCH LOVE FROM ME!! i pray for you as soon as i wake up each morning so that my prayers will raise with the sun as it rises in the heavens <3 and i'm so glad you like the prayer flower

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