I was sick, and in bed for a few days again because of chemo. This time, as I had shots to boost up my white blood cell count, I could avoid sores in my mouth, but I had to go to ER. The most difficult side-effect is the taste change. I cannot enjoy even an apple!  Yet, everyone cheers me up saying chemo is fighting against cancer, and is praying chemo will win! Then I feel like it is bearable.

Micah is one of those people who cheers me up.  He is in his 40s, has a mental disability, and is living in a group home.  George and I have known him over 15 years since he was George’s student at Adult School.  During those days, he would cause troubles and was an outcast wherever he went.  He had a short temper and even if he found jobs, he could not last long. 

George, who believes that everyone including one with disabilities can learn good and bad, has been caring about him and has been his friend, sometimes even challenging his selfishness. He has made special times for Maicah’s birthdays and Christmases, and comforted him when he lost his jobs, father, and mother.  Through those years Micah has changed from being self-centered to becoming a caring person.  Since he learned I had cancer, he has periodically called me.  “ Kathy, how are you feeling today?  I hope you feel better.” I never expected this, and if I look back where he was, I get so much joy. I am grateful that I got to know him.

Micah with Roy and George

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