Chemo Picnic

I had 2nd chemo today starting at 11 am.  Since yesterday was a holiday, the chemo treatment department was crowded.  Across my  room there was a black woman sitting for chemo, who has Lukemia.  She greeted me saying ” God is good.”  ” All the time” said I.  Then she left saying ” May God bless you!”  It was so encouraging to meet a sister in Christ at the hospital.

While chemo, George and I enjoyed a picnic lunch and after then I sang with my ipod, and that surprised the nurses. 🙂   Thankfully the 2nd chemo was also done smoothly.  Since my white blood cell count got too low last time, this time I have to have a shot three days starting tomorrow.  George is nervous about this, but as I have seen my diabetic father was giving himself a shot everyday , I think I can do it, too.  Everything is a new adventure and I want to make the most of it.

One thought on “Chemo Picnic

  1. Kathy, your story is so inspiring and you look so young and beautiful in your pictures! I will keep you in my thoughts!

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