Living Proof

George and I saw a DVD “ Living Proof”.

This movie was introduced even in Japan in 2009.  It is a true story about a doctor, Dennis Slamon, who invented a miracle drug, Harceptine, which I need, and many people who supported and sacrificed by raising funds to producing it as a safe drug.

It took 12 years for Herceptine to be invented and approved.  Some patients who participated in the research were dropped out in the process because they didn’t meet the protocol although they showed improvement.  So many people helped the fund raising including Revlon.

Without Herceptine I would not make it to live.  I honor all those Americans who made so many sacrifices and contributions.

The reason why this country is leading the world is that this country knows not only how to have compassion but also how to be empathetic, the ability to make actions not because they are confident or rich but because they know we all need each other; they know Grace.  I am deeply thankful for this root of this country’s power!

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