Father’s Day

First a couple days were OK after Chemo, but I started feeling stomach ache, nauseous, sore in the mouth, and mostly zero energy for a few days.  Today I feel a little better.  From Temecula my parents in law come over with an aunt from Arizona to celebrate one day early Father’s Day.  Boys and their girls cook BBQ.  Today I honor five men in my life: My father in Japan, father in the US, George, Roy & Soh.

I learned from my 87 yr old father who is at the hospital in Japan how to be positive without giving up and adapt in a new environment without whining.  I am so thankful for my father in the US who always cares, worries me as if himself and loves me with lots of humors and laughter.  I am so thankful for Roy and Soh, who grew up as kind as much as strong  men who know how to reach their hands to people in needs.  And at last I am sooooo thankful for my husband, George, who loves me so deeply, guides me, and support me constantly day and night.   Makiko, a friend in Japan, says I may be the happiest person in the world right now.  I have no objection.  I am happier ever in the midst of the battle on cancer.

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